GOLD for Jeanine Nieuwenhuis and TC Athene during the European Championships in San Giovanni in Marignano (IT)
TC Athene

What an amazing result again for Jeanine Nieuwenhuis and TC Athene . The United son bred by Mr. J.B.J.M. Streppel out of the famous damline Orleans. Orleans who is also the mother of the KWPN-approved stallion Governor (Totilas).

During the European Championships U25, Jeanine won all the tests. On Thursday she already won a silver medal with the team with a score of 76,32%. In the individual test they got a great score of 76,32% and she won her 2nd medal during this European Championships. In the Freestyle she managed to put down a smashing score of 77,67% and once again their was no doubt about it and she ended up with the 2nd GOLD medal.

Jeanine Nieuwenhuis won the gold freestyle medal at the European Championships for Grand Prix riders under 25 years of age.

The 24-year-old rider was unbeatable in all the tests and with a score of 77,67% she also scored the highest points during the Freestyle. "It was not my best test of the week", says Nieuwenhuis, who takes two gold medals and one silver team medal back home. TC Athene was fantastic again and the freestyle is just great to ride.

I had a lot of nerves this week
I was very focused and I had al lot of stress waiting for the results. After the individual test I had to wait al long time until it was clear that I was still leading. "It is absolutely beatiful here in San Giovanni in Marignano, but is also extremely hot. The challenge is to keep the horses fit and stay fit ourselves, while we have to perform in the blazing sun". 
“Het was hier een mooi staaltje topsport. Het is hier bloedmooi in San Giovanni in Marignano, maar het is ook bloedheet. Het is de uitdaging om de paarden fit te houden en zelf ook fit te blijven, terwijl we in de brandende zon in vol tenue moeten presteren. Dat geeft het wel wat extra’s.”

Many possibilities
At the age of 24, Jeanine can ride another year in the U25. She has already started in the Grand Prix with the seniors, but has no idea what the coming year will bring. "I have made a schedule for this EC". We celebrated it here with cake. We go home to celebrate it well and TC Athene gets a break and then we see what to do. We have many options.

Source: KNHS

EC San Giovanni in Marignano: European Champion!!!!
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