2 days of breeding during the KWPN Championships

National Foal Inspections

Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve can look back on two beautiful days in Ermelo. On Thursday filly Oroccalavsca Fortuna (Berlin) was allowed to participate in the National Foal Inspections for jumping foals. In her group, she ended up in the front and received an invitation for the final. In a strong group of foals she managed to get a 9th place.

Nationale Mare Inspections

On the second day, the National Mare Inspections took place. Lisieux-STRH.(by Bordeaux) was allowed to participate. She measures 1.79m and dispite this height she has developed herself well and upgraded during the inspecioton season. "She still misses some strength and therefore she didnt't get an invitation for the finals but we are very happy to have such a fine mare in our stables", says Stephan Haarman

Oroccalavsca Fortuna
KWPN Championships
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